Mauri Moskowitz is a multi-medium artist based in Cincinnati, Ohio. moskowitz holds a BFA from the University of Cincinnati in the college of design, art, architecture and planning. She spent two years after graduation in California, working for renowned artists such as Peter Shire, Erlea Maneros Zabala, Liz Glynn and Ben Medansky. her work can be found for sale at the contemporary art center cincinnati, continuum bazaar, swoon, and parlour salon. 
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Artist Mauri Moskowitz is herself, an active medium inspired by the source of divine and creative energy. She interweaves repetitive linework (stripes), primary and primitive shape, and values that hold a complexity of play beside tension, weight and relief, and purpose of composition in her work- defending also that such a dialogue of a spiritual language (poetry and slang) exists to motivate audience engagement with visceral compound; to intersect ideas of humor and compassion, and instigate pleasure with perception. Her work is a passage through personal withstanding of tolerance and release, and is an enactment of function for a network of connection; that finding displays a role of deeper universal seeking, unfolds contentment in solidarity, and reaches unity with the presence of occurring/shared space. In her practice, the manifestation of duality, the meta/phorical, and mirror, often exist in itself and illusion. Her fascination with abstraction in realm of this idea, insights the mystery of magic, a journey of storytelling, and how art teaches beyond the image contained.
Most of what you see here is one-of-a-kind, but can cater to wholesale or further editions.

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